Sneaking Into the Future of Technology

Every other individual nowadays is trying to predict the future of technology. Everyone has got their own valid points. However, what many people are missing is to take technology as a whole and analyse for predicting the future. Like I have stated in my previous blogs that mathematics and technology are on similar path, we can see it more clearly now. Remember how mathematics evolve from the ancient times of prehistoric mathematics which is believed to be dated 35,000 BC and then many changes and developments happened giving rise to Indian mathematics then Islamic mathematics and so on to the modern mathematics of 21st century. In schools today, how is mathematics taught? Even a toddler is taught the basic mathematics and at later stages we learn various concepts of mathematics like trigonometry, algebra, geometry, statistics and if you go to a higher level you will go for differentiation and integration How much of mathematics do we use in real life? We do mathematics 24×7. Our every thought every breathe is mathematics. X amount of oxygen is taken and Z amount of CO2 is breathed out, we make assumption and think about the probabilities, we use mathematics while playing games and etc.

Similarly we have technology. In days to come programming languages will not be considered something unusual, being a programmer will be a casual thing. You are not amazed when a kid calculates 2+2. similarly every one will be programming as per their requirements. As mathematics is integrated in our lives so will be technology. Can you imagine life without gadgets? without computer, without mobile phone, without internet? Majority of us just can’t live without them. It is natural as it has become our necessity. There is no harm and we have to accept this fact and try to manage ourselves. In years to come we will not even think “technology” as a different thing similar to mathematics. Do you note down your assumption before kicking the ball in soccer, it is natural. So will be technology. As the world started to change with the advent of mathematics so will be with the technology. Being knowledgeable is no big deal today, because of internet. bigger deal is to manage that knowledge and use it in a proper way.

Thus no matter what people say about the future of technology, I believe technology will not be considered as an industry itself however it will be merged with every other industry. This will eventually happen in years to come. Be prepared to see babies like this;)

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