How Industrial Robot Manufacturers Have Transformed the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has significantly changed over the past century. Different models of vehicles have come and gone, each better than the previous ones.

The success and accomplishments achievements attained by this industry is however highly accredited to advancement in technology. More so, to robots and automation.

Robots lay a crucial role in automotive assembly and finishing and have thus been used in completing the complex calculations required for modern vehicles. That’s what makes the autonomous self-driving vehicles a reality!

Industrial robot manufacturers have thus put in a lot of extra work in ensuring the robots are suitable for this industry.

But how exactly have they changed this industry?

Below, we look into four ways in which they have transformed this business.

  • Introduction of Collaborative robots

For a long time, robots had to be caged or fenced when operating in the industry to avoid causing harm to other workers. However, industrial robot manufacturers have come up with a safer and much simpler robot to complete the same task.

Welcome to the dawn of collaborative robots (Cobots).

Cobots are a smaller and less complex form of the traditional robot that is more user-friendly to work with. The Cobots are fitted with numerous sensors and cameras that enable it to work amicably with other workers.

Moreover, they are super easy to program and reprogram and thus, can be used for most repetitive tasks in the industry. They can also be deployed to complete dangerous tasks like welding.

These robots enable automotive industries to improve their production rates, make accurate calculations and improve the workers working conditions.

The result? Improved profitability and efficiency.

  • Improving employee skills with automation

Robotic automation has become a must-do task for most industries today. And while automation benefits your business, your employees also get to benefit a lot.

This is because the employees have to learn new skills to keep up with the new technology solutions brought by automation.

For some industrial robot manufacturers such as Universal robots, their Cobots are designed to be easy to learn and reprogram. They even run some classes to help you and your employees understand how best to work with the robot.

Furthermore, collaborating with the robots to complete tasks, helps the employees gain new insights on how to complete tasks. It also grants them more time to think of better ways to complete tasks.

The robot manufacturers have therefore ensured that even when the robots take over some of your jobs, they’ll still offer more opportunities for the employees to seize.

  • Increased competition

Now more than ever, the competition between automotive industries has never been stiffer. Every company wants to dominate the market with the best vehicles in the market.

All this is credited to robotics. Industrial robot manufacturers have come up with different robots that make production way faster, easier and more efficient.

In essence, some companies are close to fully automating their production process. Thereby, most of their assembly, inspection, and packaging are done by the robots. And since robots can work 24/7, the volumes of vehicles produced also increases.

Also, robots make most research and innovations possible by performing complex calculations. As such, the companies can make strides in coming up with new designs and features for their brands.

This fosters more competition in the industry.

  • Cut down costs

Today, automotive industries have managed to cut down costs in different areas of production, thanks to automation. Using robots, industries reduce the number of workers required to complete different tasks.

Moreover, robots are more precise and accurate in their operations and thus, help reduce wastage that occurs in production.

Also, the industrial robot manufacturers have ensured that most modern robots have a fast ROI. Therefore, industries get the most of their robots at an affordable price. 


Robots have had a huge impact in the automotive industry. And thanks to Industrial robot manufacturers, it’s changing the business.

As the manufacturers continue to improve the capabilities of their robots, the automotive industry also gets to benefit. Therefore, it has become a significant driver for the growth of this industry.

One thing is sure, the automotive industry cannot survive today, without the help of industrial robot manufacturers.

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