Become a Real Computer Technician – Get Your Information Technology Degree

Are you the first person your friends and family call with their computer problems? What if you could get paid to do that? With an information technology degree, you can!

If you have strong problem-solving abilities, good communication skills and an understanding of computer network systems, this just might be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Take our advice to find a program that can train you how to successfully plan, design and implement a secure network environment.

What Do Information Technology Professionals Do?

Computer and Network Technicians handle a variety of computer related tasks. They have a good understanding of current computer networks and modern database concepts, which they can use in the design and implementation of business databases.

They can also…

Build and Troubleshoot PC Hardware
Design and Manage Networks
Understand and Apply Network Security
Manage Windows Server Systems
Create Web Sites
Career Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook (2012-13):

“Employment of computer support specialists is expected to grow 18 percent from 2010 to 2020.”

This means that job prospects should be very good for anyone seeking a career in this industry, for a veteran or an entry-level technician just starting out. Advancement possibilities for this occupation are also on the rise, which helps to create new job openings for entry-level information technology professionals.

Where Can A Computer Network Systems Technician Work?

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